What information do you need from me when you are setting up a new account?
  • Is it a new or existing house?
  • Has this home had an alarm system before?
  • How many doors/windows are there?
  • Are you interested in adding Home Automation? (Learn more about that here)
What should we do if we are moving?
If you are moving, we can help to move your alarm system. Fill out this form here

*Ask us about our Referral Program! If you are moving, and you are able to leave our information with the new buyer and they sign on with us, you may be eligible for 1 Month Free!

I need to update contact info / my emergency contact list information on my account. How do I do that?

You can request to view or update any information on your account. fill out the request form here or call us at 225-673-5439

I need to request for a service appointment for someone to come out and help me. How do I schedule an appointment?

You can request for an appointment on our request form here or call us at 225-673-5439 

What do I need to do to request an alarm certificate from my insurance?

Some insurance policies are given a discount for having a monitored alarm system and we can provide the information to your insurance agent. Fill out this form to request